Sunday, November 15, 2009

Hulk vs. Wolverine

Hi, Blogwatchers!

Todays art is a piece I did for my
sketchbook-Hulk vs. Wolverine !

First, here's the the concept sketch of the two,
followed by the pencils,and finally,the
finished piece. This is low rez (200 dpi)
as well,and a bit larger than my scanner
can handle .
Comment if you like,and as always,
click on piece to enlarge!


Thursday, November 12, 2009

I'm Back, You Animals...New Art !

Hi,everyone in the blogosphere or
whatever its called on the Internets...back at home
after an extended trip back home. Lots of cool
experiences in the "A" shouts to Dexter Vines and all
the folks at Revolver Studios for letting me hang.
New artwork as the header says-Some Personal Trading Card
commissions I've just finished for a few of my card fanatics ;)
(I had to put 'em down in order to finish a job,but that's how
this biz can be,unfortunately-the guilt!)..Here they are! I'm still finishing a few, but I'm now open for commissions again !
My wife will be in charge of orders so I can just work . A new thing for my Card Fanatics: I will do a commissioned PSC 1 painted,1 B&W inked (similar
to the images shown) for 100.00$ US. 2 for 1 basically. WAIT! This just in !!
My wife says a deal is to be made-2 painted,2 B&W PSCs for-150.00$US
Yep,that's right.
Get one in time for X-Mas.
Turn around time in about a week or two,depending on workload.