Monday, June 29, 2009

Requested artwork...

Hi Everybody!

I've gotten a few requests to see how my pencil-to-inks look. To make a long story short,I CAN INK ANYONE. Period. Here's a quick list of people I have worked my ink-thing on-

Ed McGuinness-Criss Cross-Jim Cheung-Scott Eaton-Mike Norton-Ken Lashley-Howard Porter-Mike Lilly-Aaron Lopresti-Jeff Johnson-Sean Chen-Georges Jeanty-Vincenzo Cucca-Phil Briones-
all I can come up with off the top of my head. You get the picture. I can ink whatever is in front of me.. I must remind the viewer I have lost a TON of artwork,copies,ect. because of a flood. Don't have a lot a super-new material because of that fact,except my own.

Mike Norton pencils I Heart marvel#1 pg#1
Mike Lilly pencils. ?? client unknown
Scott Eaton pencils. House of M#1 pg#2
Ken Lashley pencils. Supergirl#13 cover
Ed McGuinness pencils. Superman/Batman#24 pg#17

Wanna see more?
Email me,you slugs.


Monday, June 22, 2009

New stuff soon! For now...

Hey Everyone!

Still putting stuff together for sketchbook, (eternally)
and working on filing & scanning various pieces of art for this blog and soon to be done Website. STILL working on re- finishing sketches that were destroyed in flood at old abode. something is crashing my Scrabble game on my computer and I am going nuts. More in a couple of days. May do a cool web only print soon.
In the meantime,here are a few commissions I've done,son.
Stay tuna.


Sunday, June 14, 2009

SunDAY SUn Day SUNDAY !!!!

Slow day- (Good Grief I wanna go SK8) working on several things-Spider-Man Sketchafex cards (200 of 'em) Several Character sketches for Kevin Grevioux (Adam: Legend of the Blue Marvel,New Warriors), playing catch-up with commissions.

Here is the cover for G-FAN that I hope(gotta get it colored) will be in there hands soon ! And a few examples of past commissions for your viewing pleasure.... And these characters are all copyright their respective owners... All pieces penciled/inked(unless otherwise noted) by...


Tuesday, June 9, 2009

This is what I do when I have time...

Even though this has nothing to do with art,comics,ect., This is what I do for FUN. Hands down the best Skater ( to my knowledge) in the comic world. The gauntlet has been thrown,Danny Miki (also a great artist and skater! )

I started skating 6-27-77 and 15 yrs later I would become a Professional skater for Steadham Ind., Converse,Vans,Gouge Clothing,Independent & various other smaller companies (and doing graphics ),then running my own company, SYNDICATE SKATEBOARDS.
I skated in 5 pro contests before winning the Eindhoven HollandChallenge in 1992, also marking my last pro contest as I felt my families needs were more important than a piece of wood with wheels on it.
Plus,It felt like being a monkey in cage-when you turn pro,people would rather watch you than skate WITH you,and it killed it for me. The thrill of riding became a job! Not the good kind.

I didn't skate again for 5 years.
Now I have insurance and have fell in love with skating again.
I now skate for fun ( as well as being sponsored by WOODY'S HALFPIPE,REVEAL SKATES,and FELONY WHEELS, I appeciate it fellas!!) Now I skate Masters Pro division, still learning tricks & can almost make 720's now(look it up,its a SUPER hard stunt)....Welcome to my world of self inflicted Pain!


I Love The Ladies....and Big Sword Carrying Angels

Two Post today...Consider yourself loved, fanboys & girls. The first piece was done for Terminus Media as a Cover/Poster with 3 of the anthology characters in the mix.
And also for your viewing pleasure is colored art (colors by JASON LAMBERT !) Great job by Jay. I think I like spot illos more than ever. Love doing covers!

The next piece was done for my sketchbook and I had to convince my wife this girl IS MADE UP.
Which is kinda cool,cause it means I can finally draw women well enough that my Wife thinks ...well, you get it. Still have to lay some acrylic on it,tho...characters are all copyright their respective owners... All pieces penciled/inked(unless otherwise noted) by...


(Com)mission Impossible completed!

This is a commish I did for a client/fan in Ga.
Originally it started out as a FAST sketch at a con,then I realized I hated the piece and I refuse to give someone something I think has a high Suck-Factor.
So I promised this young lady I would re-do the art. All was fine ...then I had a flood at home and OF COURSE the water finds my artwork stacks. Lots of stuff lost to antiquity

Well here is the RE-Re-Do of the requested piece-
The Teen Titans Original members(or as many as I can fit on the page). More stuff 2 come.

Monday, June 8, 2009

A little something from DH2! today..

Here's a work in progress.. a little Star Wars action.
Pencil & Inks DH2! might do a Count Dooku bookend piece.

Welcome to DH2!'s So?Artistik blog o' goodness!

Welcome to the So?Artistik personal blog into my latest shenanigans,the sometimes private Heaven/Hell I call Art,Commission pieces,Sneak Peaks at what im working on currently (or whatever my clients find allowable) ,possibly a comic strip but that depends on my schedule.

I am an commercial artist/graphic novelist/visualist by trade,I have worked with almost every major comic/graphic publisher around (Marvel,D.C.,Image,ect) plus a few lesser known clients as well (Humana,ESPN Magazine,H3,ect) I love knocking peoples socks off with my work.
Or at the very least trying to!

Just moved into a new abode so have kinks to work out. New scanner, fingers crossed. Just finished Two Skatchafex Card sets for the good folks at D.C.(Justice League) and Rittenhouse Archives (X-men Origins:Wolverine).
May start working on Jack Johnson graphic novel (inking over Trevor Von Eeden) again for ComicMix (almost there fellas) as well start on a new Set of cards,and finishing ALL my commissions (to all the patient ones,you will be rewarded).
Here's a few things I have laying around--Batman/Supergirl pencils (the original was lost to water damage) & a Captain America pencilled piece I can't seem to get my head around (personal sketch) will get better scans soon,still working the kinks out me new scanner.
More stuff to come.