Thursday, July 30, 2009

And now for something Different...

Hi Everyone-

Today's art comes in the form
of a few sample pages I did for
a proposal .
No harm in showing them now.

The Hulk and Namor are 2 of my faves from childhood.
And those who know me
will tell you of my fondness for early Kirby-era heroes.

They might be out of order,but I'm still trying to get the layout on this blog down. Please forgive!


all characters
their respective
owners 2009

Monday, July 27, 2009

A SNEAK PEEK into the Future...

While Im busy trying to finish another card set
for the guys at RITTENHOUSE ARCHIVES,here
is a glimpse into what Ive been working on....

PLANET-KILLERS Omega pg#9 (low Rez)
Xavier & XAM

The lead kid character is based
on my nephews,
Xavier and Cayman Allen...The big guy is
my based on my love of Daikaiju/Tokusatsu

Pencils/Inks-DH2! all day,baby..

Copyright 2009 DH2!

Work Time is Now !!!

Peace and HairGrease,


Friday, July 24, 2009

Texiera Supergirl Painting Collaboration!

Todays adventure into Don-ism is a collaboration between me and Mark Texeira (GhostRider,Sabretooth/Mystique,ect.) Supergirl pin-up.
I was given this at a Con a year ago,and I have two versions,one inked(on the original )and this one,which was done to challenge myself. I have no "recipe" for painting,I just paint until it I like it. :) (fig.1)The drawing was made by Tex using a "surfer girl"type reference,in pencil.

(fig.2) I start by laying down a wash in either Paynes Grey or India ink,which ever I decide on first. This is done to flesh out the figure, and to lay down tracks for the shaded areas. I am using the artboard as my white/highlights,so I don't wanna go too heavy with the wash. I also drop Cadmium yellow or Hansa Yellow to give the red cape a base,and as a basis for blonde hair.

(fig.3) Now I start by gradually building the flesh tone w/a little Cadmium Orange,Yellow Oxide and Paynes Grey. I also start the build-up of Red on the boots and cape. Taking particular care to remember this a Mark Texiera drawing first, a DH2! painting second.

(fig.4) Here it gets tricky: you can RUIN a good painting in this stage,so I don't wanna get too overzealous. I start painting the blue portions of the costume with Process Blue,and re-define the flesh areas. Also start using Phthalocyanine Blue and Paynes Grey to darken the cape and shaded areas. Start building the facial/hair area up with Yellow Ochre and Red Oxide,paying attention to the eyes. You screw up the eyes,just start over.

(fig.5) Homestretch! Your almost finished. I shore up the blue areas with Phthalo Blue and Prussian Blue,I'm trying to get a spandex look to her costume. I use colored pencils and a dash of acrylic/gesso to smooth out any patchy areas (acrylic paint has an annoying tendency to "crawl" and get spotty) I see,and to highlight and blend whatevers needed.
I give it the once over and Viola! You have a SUPERGIRL Painting ! Now if I can sell it...

Thursday, July 23, 2009

New stuff.


anyone who's bothered checking this out.
Thanks for coming.Have a seat. Take your shoes off.
Today is a multi post day.First, a couple of warm up sketches.. a couple of DragonBall Z ones, Piccolo,Vegeta(giant Ape style) Oozaru,Invader Zim, and a Muay Thai sketch done in "side of the pencil" old school style. Great for learning control. I do this stuff to warm the hand up and to get me in the mood for work. More Dontasticness later. Maybe even a step by step tutorial.

Wednesday, July 15, 2009

Super Convention Season Go!!

Hi everyone.
Will be updating soon.
Look out for it.
In the downtime from
Don-lisciousness,here are some get me started sketches...