Friday, April 30, 2010

Step By Step WOLVERINE Sketch card part 3..Final.

Here is the finished art for the Wolverine AP commission I teased you (lovingly)with. This was fun from start to finish..I hope the rest of the ones I do will hit hard. For this piece I used a combo of Ink,Acrylics,Markers,Prismacolor pencils,and Jah for inspiration. Scroll down to see from the start -Hulk#340 cover re-creation after McFarlane


The Original Johnson(story of Jack Johnson) gets nominated for awards!!

2010 Glyph Comics Awards Nominations; 'Original Johnson' snags 4 nominations!
This is a book I worked on with the comic legend, TREVOR VON EEDEN.
He gave Frank Miller a run for his storytelling ability in the '80s. This was awesome to be a part of...nothing is better as an inker to work with someone you admire. I hope we win.
I meant to put this up a LOOOONNG time ago. But its all good.
Heres the byline:

The Glyph Comics Awards, designed to "recognize the best in comics made by, for, and about people of color from the preceding calendar year," have released the names of the comics and creators that make up their 2010 nominee slate.

We are incredibly proud that The Original Johnson has received four nominations in the categories of Best Artist, Best Cover, Best Male Character, and Story Of The Year.

"It's wonderful to see Trevor Von Eeden's life-work receive such recognition," ComicMix editor-in-chief Mike Gold said. "He's been working on The Original Johnson for 15 years, and we've been working with him for the past three. It has taken an extraordinary amount of effort to produce this book, and recognition from the Glyph awards makes every drop of it worthwhile. We are proud to be associated with Trevor and this amazingly intense work. My personal thanks and gratitude to Trevor and to all of those who have been involved in the effort."

The awards will be presented at the East Coast Black Age of Comics Convention in Philadelphia on May 14th and 15th.


Thursday, April 29, 2010

WOLVERINE Finished Card Art !

Here is a scan of one the finished sketch card commissions-
MCP #92 cover recreation-with a shout to Sam Kieth.

Back to work now-


Because I feel like it..WOLVERINE AP Sketch Card #2

Back again.
Feeling blessed yet?:)
Anyhoo, here is a scan of a second commission Ive done recently.
a Re-Creation of MARVEL COMICS PRESENTS #92,a Sam Kieth Wolverine for Ryan Humphreys(minus the logo).

You know the ones (if your old enough,I guess) with all the crazy ribbons and telephone cords everywhere. InSaneTime !!
How could he walk??! I'd be constantly tripping on crap.

And here is the source material-love him or hate him,he puts in work,that Kieth guy.

Then here is my sketch..with all my various notes..a lot of the ribbons I can add later. I greyscale for hair instead of stippling for speed.

Up next is the pencilled art,then of course the inked piece compare to see how much(or little) has changed. Color/Finished Version posted up on Friday!


Step By Step WOLVERINE Sketch card Part 2 !

Okay its after lunch,and here are the inks to the previous entry.
I used a 102 Hunt crowquill for the 1st time in a while on this.
My only complaint is the paper acts like a Charmin towel with ink...

I will put up a few more things later, card wise.


Step By Step WOLVERINE Sketch card

Been away for awhile to sort out stuff,get work done,heal form skate injuries ect,...So today I will show some of the stuff I'm working on in the form of a Step-By-Step.
I often do commissions of all shapes and sizes and this one is a WOLVERINE Sketchagraph Card done for Billy Villalobos(what a cool last name).
Billy requested a cover re-creation of Hulk #340 (Mcfarlane cover).
First,I will show the source material, done by Todd McFarlane and inked by Bob Wiacek .Next we have my sketch of the source material...this is where you can make/see mistakes and of course correct them before finishing. Then,I grab the sketch and slap it on the lightbox,and carefully re-pencil this to my liking. Later I will scan in the inked piece,probably after lunch.


Tuesday, April 20, 2010

New Pieces.

Here's some of the stuff Ive been working on..these pieces are for a Planet-Killer portfolio and T-shirt..More to come.
The guy with the pitchfork is STAGGERLEE (more on him later), the big scary face belongs to XAM the DESTROYER,and the full figure piece is XAM again,getting attacked by missiles- I am going to hate inking these.
Gotta get these Planet-Killers pieces done ASAP-
hope you like. Comments welcome!