Thursday, August 27, 2009

New art . May the Force be with ya!

everyone on the interwebz.
Today's visual trainwreck comes
in the form of one my favorite
LucasFilms creations,Master Jedi
I put the unfinished piece up
on the June 8th post. I jammed this
out a few days ago,but forgot
to put it online. This IS for sale, BTW.

Going to be appearing at Dragon Con
this weekend in Atlanta,
at the TERMINUS MEDIA booth.
I should have prints,art,and other goodies
as well as doing *sketches* of all kinds
when I get thar.
Hope you like!

Shameless Plug-


Wednesday, August 19, 2009

Mini-Mega Con or Bust ! August 22-23,Orlando,Fl

Hi Everyone!

Couple of things..
First, I will be appearing at
Mini-Mega Con ,Orlando,Florida
This weekend of August 22-23 2009.

I will be there as a late addition (set up next to Derec Donovan,helluva guy) and possibly at the Terminus Media booth/table.
I will be doing PSC's there as well as selling prints,artwork from books such as Gambit,White Tiger,Countdown,House of M, and whatevers not tied down. will be doing all kinds of commissions at the con as well.

PLEASE come by and say "Hi" I love meeting fans of our genre. look for the wildly gesticulating short black guy behind the table with maybe,a mohawk,maybe a bald head. And please,no threatening gestures as I bruise easily, I like Godzilla trivia...

Next,I have a piece that will be available as a Print(not sure if it will be colored)
At the Con. I love Frazetta's work and especially the quiet grace he imparted on his savagest
of subjects.Every swordstroke meant something. So this is my take on a Barbarian type...seen
in an earlier blog,unfinished. Barbarian Pencils/inks DH2!

Anyhoo back to finishing works...

See you hopefully at Mini-Mega


Saturday, August 8, 2009

New stuff to keep you animals happy!

Hey! Surprise.
New things from
the hand of DH2!

I have today for your perusal a
couple of Sketch
Cards done as PSC's
or Personal Sketch
Cards. these are just the pencils, I will be putting the finished versions up later. Oh, and a sneak peak at two of the SpiderMan cardz-

hope ya like-


Tuesday, August 4, 2009

Nothing New...

Hi, every/anyone in Cyberspace. Today's
artistic stuff comes in the form of random
pieces I have laying around my
"studio". Just a little artistic diarrhea
making its way to the front.

Feeling like a big can of stank
today,nothing on my horizon. I don't know why
I some days feel like there is nothing left
for me to do and still have the feeling there is
SO MUCH I could accomplish,given the opportunity..

Then the feeling passes and I still try to make myself
give a Fuck. There are so many people that kick
my ass artistically, I just don't see the point sometimes.
I smile/put on happy exterior when I can,but between you and me,
its a sham. I can't remember a day that I've felt good
about my like,forever. I try. Whatever.
I always feel like I'm having an out-of-body
experience when someone is perusing my art.

I sound like an Emo girl. Or Rorschach.
Look at the art.
I'll try to smile.
We meet halfway,okay?


Saturday, August 1, 2009

Personal Sketch Cards!! Please PSC me,baby!

Today's bit of artistic
tomfoolery is focused on
PSC's or Personal
Sketch Cards.
Ive done a few sets of these mini-masterpieces for Marvel,DC,and of course RittenHouse
Archives,the Kings of PSC cards.
Here are a few samples of me work in that field. The paintings of Cable of X-Force and Gammora of Titan are 5x7 oversized incentive type cards.
Currently finishing up
working on the
SpiderMan Archives Set,
to be released 10-28-09
The Cable and
Gammora are done in my
use-whatever-works style of Acrylics,
colored pencil,colored ink,and whatnot.

And yes I do mad commissions
Holla Back now!