Monday, June 29, 2009

Requested artwork...

Hi Everybody!

I've gotten a few requests to see how my pencil-to-inks look. To make a long story short,I CAN INK ANYONE. Period. Here's a quick list of people I have worked my ink-thing on-

Ed McGuinness-Criss Cross-Jim Cheung-Scott Eaton-Mike Norton-Ken Lashley-Howard Porter-Mike Lilly-Aaron Lopresti-Jeff Johnson-Sean Chen-Georges Jeanty-Vincenzo Cucca-Phil Briones-
all I can come up with off the top of my head. You get the picture. I can ink whatever is in front of me.. I must remind the viewer I have lost a TON of artwork,copies,ect. because of a flood. Don't have a lot a super-new material because of that fact,except my own.

Mike Norton pencils I Heart marvel#1 pg#1
Mike Lilly pencils. ?? client unknown
Scott Eaton pencils. House of M#1 pg#2
Ken Lashley pencils. Supergirl#13 cover
Ed McGuinness pencils. Superman/Batman#24 pg#17

Wanna see more?
Email me,you slugs.


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