Monday, June 8, 2009

Welcome to DH2!'s So?Artistik blog o' goodness!

Welcome to the So?Artistik personal blog into my latest shenanigans,the sometimes private Heaven/Hell I call Art,Commission pieces,Sneak Peaks at what im working on currently (or whatever my clients find allowable) ,possibly a comic strip but that depends on my schedule.

I am an commercial artist/graphic novelist/visualist by trade,I have worked with almost every major comic/graphic publisher around (Marvel,D.C.,Image,ect) plus a few lesser known clients as well (Humana,ESPN Magazine,H3,ect) I love knocking peoples socks off with my work.
Or at the very least trying to!

Just moved into a new abode so have kinks to work out. New scanner, fingers crossed. Just finished Two Skatchafex Card sets for the good folks at D.C.(Justice League) and Rittenhouse Archives (X-men Origins:Wolverine).
May start working on Jack Johnson graphic novel (inking over Trevor Von Eeden) again for ComicMix (almost there fellas) as well start on a new Set of cards,and finishing ALL my commissions (to all the patient ones,you will be rewarded).
Here's a few things I have laying around--Batman/Supergirl pencils (the original was lost to water damage) & a Captain America pencilled piece I can't seem to get my head around (personal sketch) will get better scans soon,still working the kinks out me new scanner.
More stuff to come.


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