Thursday, April 29, 2010

Because I feel like it..WOLVERINE AP Sketch Card #2

Back again.
Feeling blessed yet?:)
Anyhoo, here is a scan of a second commission Ive done recently.
a Re-Creation of MARVEL COMICS PRESENTS #92,a Sam Kieth Wolverine for Ryan Humphreys(minus the logo).

You know the ones (if your old enough,I guess) with all the crazy ribbons and telephone cords everywhere. InSaneTime !!
How could he walk??! I'd be constantly tripping on crap.

And here is the source material-love him or hate him,he puts in work,that Kieth guy.

Then here is my sketch..with all my various notes..a lot of the ribbons I can add later. I greyscale for hair instead of stippling for speed.

Up next is the pencilled art,then of course the inked piece compare to see how much(or little) has changed. Color/Finished Version posted up on Friday!


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