Thursday, April 29, 2010

Step By Step WOLVERINE Sketch card

Been away for awhile to sort out stuff,get work done,heal form skate injuries ect,...So today I will show some of the stuff I'm working on in the form of a Step-By-Step.
I often do commissions of all shapes and sizes and this one is a WOLVERINE Sketchagraph Card done for Billy Villalobos(what a cool last name).
Billy requested a cover re-creation of Hulk #340 (Mcfarlane cover).
First,I will show the source material, done by Todd McFarlane and inked by Bob Wiacek .Next we have my sketch of the source material...this is where you can make/see mistakes and of course correct them before finishing. Then,I grab the sketch and slap it on the lightbox,and carefully re-pencil this to my liking. Later I will scan in the inked piece,probably after lunch.


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