Sunday, December 4, 2011

Sketch Card Art-2006-Present

Hey! Once more you get me to post more stuff! I'm in a generous mood after watching Ultraman Zero:Killer The Beatstar! on DVD, I feel real generous cause now I'm stoked! the Card Art I'm putting up is mostly work done by my favorite Card Making Fanatics,RITTENHOUSE !! It has been a pleasure to work with these people and have put up with my personal ups and downs(to this I thank them,It has been very Brutal.) as well as deal with my Comic gigs. A personal thank you goes to Robert Kholbus,to whom I feel indebted. Thanks for everything you throw my way! Anyhoo, here is the rest of the Complete Avengers (2006) cards! My next post will have X-Men Origins:WOLVERINE(200-), & Spiderman Archives(200-). Enjoy,feedback appreciated..

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