Saturday, May 31, 2014

Hiya,Lads and Lasses..BEHOLD! I have kept my promise! More *NEW* stuff! IT'S  the 1st of tha mooonnnth,,so today I will be showing a step-by-step of a Commission I've recently done. The  client let me go nuts on The American Psycho theme,so I picked an appropriate pose,then tweaked things like the face/shadow structure to keep it an original (it takes NO SKILL to copy a photo,IMHO really,but I digress..) drawing. Been inspired reading Sean Phillips' blog ( ,his art is fant-fucking-tastic) and wanted to "show off" to get the month started...Hope You enjoy,it was fun to do * also OPEN for these types of Commissions,btw,I have prices listed on the blog somewheres...

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