Monday, May 19, 2014

The Green Lantern! because it's Monday.....

HEEEEEYYYY I'm back again, new week of stuff,just like DH2! promised.  This is a piece that I may fool with some more. Not sure if I am completely "happy"(what does that really MEAN to an Artist,anyways? I digress..) with it. But anyhoo,on with the is a piece I call Beware My Power, and of course it's THE GREEN LANTERN, a character I have a real fondness for (The Gil Kane/John Broome ,Neal Adams/Denny Oneil,Mike Grell stuff,specifically) growing up I fell in love with the idea of a magical ring that,as long as you have enough WILL POWER,you can do whatevs you a kid,that idea is irresistable. Plus meeting Gil Kane (as well as Steranko,Adams,Oneil,Giordano,Dave Sim,Wendy/Richard Pini by way of Lamar Waldron when I was 12 was the life changer-I knew I wanted to do comics,but I wanted to be GOOD at  it. Like these guys.All now award winning,ground breaking Artists, who have in some cases helped change the game. Anyways, I hope you like it and comments welcome! DH2! Pencils and Finishes fer ya....


  1. Hello DH2, I don't know if you remember me from Perry Con, but we were talking with you there. I'm interested in buying the Green Lantern and Sinestro for my boyfriend for Christmas. Please email me tifani388@gmail

  2. You do amazing work brother. Would you perhaps be interested in making comics for a project in working on. You're obviously �� not still trapped inside brother :) at lest you're breaking free. Doing what he gifted you with sets you free. It's your shape. And you have a beautiful shape and legendary skills to nourish and grow. Aloha !

    - Gama