Tuesday, June 9, 2009

This is what I do when I have time...

Even though this has nothing to do with art,comics,ect., This is what I do for FUN. Hands down the best Skater ( to my knowledge) in the comic world. The gauntlet has been thrown,Danny Miki (also a great artist and skater! )

I started skating 6-27-77 and 15 yrs later I would become a Professional skater for Steadham Ind., Converse,Vans,Gouge Clothing,Independent & various other smaller companies (and doing graphics ),then running my own company, SYNDICATE SKATEBOARDS.
I skated in 5 pro contests before winning the Eindhoven HollandChallenge in 1992, also marking my last pro contest as I felt my families needs were more important than a piece of wood with wheels on it.
Plus,It felt like being a monkey in cage-when you turn pro,people would rather watch you than skate WITH you,and it killed it for me. The thrill of riding became a job! Not the good kind.

I didn't skate again for 5 years.
Now I have insurance and have fell in love with skating again.
I now skate for fun ( as well as being sponsored by WOODY'S HALFPIPE,REVEAL SKATES,and FELONY WHEELS, I appeciate it fellas!!) Now I skate Masters Pro division, still learning tricks & can almost make 720's now(look it up,its a SUPER hard stunt)....Welcome to my world of self inflicted Pain!


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  1. Nicest guy in Ga. then minus Lenny Byrd. Totally bad ass bad then , and NOW. But In 84' when skaters didn't want to show you spots (thanks Dogtown for that B.S.), Don took us to all the Spots, Ramp Ranch, Kitridge, Little 5 points pool, That 7 footer in Grant park,and too many to remember..
    All Don need to do more of what he has "fun" at, is move to Georgia..
    Much love @ you brother..
    Old man Rob...