Friday, July 24, 2009

Texiera Supergirl Painting Collaboration!

Todays adventure into Don-ism is a collaboration between me and Mark Texeira (GhostRider,Sabretooth/Mystique,ect.) Supergirl pin-up.
I was given this at a Con a year ago,and I have two versions,one inked(on the original )and this one,which was done to challenge myself. I have no "recipe" for painting,I just paint until it I like it. :) (fig.1)The drawing was made by Tex using a "surfer girl"type reference,in pencil.

(fig.2) I start by laying down a wash in either Paynes Grey or India ink,which ever I decide on first. This is done to flesh out the figure, and to lay down tracks for the shaded areas. I am using the artboard as my white/highlights,so I don't wanna go too heavy with the wash. I also drop Cadmium yellow or Hansa Yellow to give the red cape a base,and as a basis for blonde hair.

(fig.3) Now I start by gradually building the flesh tone w/a little Cadmium Orange,Yellow Oxide and Paynes Grey. I also start the build-up of Red on the boots and cape. Taking particular care to remember this a Mark Texiera drawing first, a DH2! painting second.

(fig.4) Here it gets tricky: you can RUIN a good painting in this stage,so I don't wanna get too overzealous. I start painting the blue portions of the costume with Process Blue,and re-define the flesh areas. Also start using Phthalocyanine Blue and Paynes Grey to darken the cape and shaded areas. Start building the facial/hair area up with Yellow Ochre and Red Oxide,paying attention to the eyes. You screw up the eyes,just start over.

(fig.5) Homestretch! Your almost finished. I shore up the blue areas with Phthalo Blue and Prussian Blue,I'm trying to get a spandex look to her costume. I use colored pencils and a dash of acrylic/gesso to smooth out any patchy areas (acrylic paint has an annoying tendency to "crawl" and get spotty) I see,and to highlight and blend whatevers needed.
I give it the once over and Viola! You have a SUPERGIRL Painting ! Now if I can sell it...

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