Thursday, July 23, 2009

New stuff.


anyone who's bothered checking this out.
Thanks for coming.Have a seat. Take your shoes off.
Today is a multi post day.First, a couple of warm up sketches.. a couple of DragonBall Z ones, Piccolo,Vegeta(giant Ape style) Oozaru,Invader Zim, and a Muay Thai sketch done in "side of the pencil" old school style. Great for learning control. I do this stuff to warm the hand up and to get me in the mood for work. More Dontasticness later. Maybe even a step by step tutorial.


  1. I used to love dbz! From one artist to another, (though my style resembles more of a girly shojo beat manga) your sketches are awesome.
    Plus I wanted to attempt to thank you for the comment you left, even as I think I've yet to really earn such praise.
    Thanks again,


  2. I love seeing your new stuff!