Tuesday, August 4, 2009

Nothing New...

Hi, every/anyone in Cyberspace. Today's
artistic stuff comes in the form of random
pieces I have laying around my
"studio". Just a little artistic diarrhea
making its way to the front.

Feeling like a big can of stank
today,nothing on my horizon. I don't know why
I some days feel like there is nothing left
for me to do and still have the feeling there is
SO MUCH I could accomplish,given the opportunity..

Then the feeling passes and I still try to make myself
give a Fuck. There are so many people that kick
my ass artistically, I just don't see the point sometimes.
I smile/put on happy exterior when I can,but between you and me,
its a sham. I can't remember a day that I've felt good
about my art...in like,forever. I try. Whatever.
I always feel like I'm having an out-of-body
experience when someone is perusing my art.

I sound like an Emo girl. Or Rorschach.
Look at the art.
I'll try to smile.
We meet halfway,okay?


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