Saturday, August 1, 2009

Personal Sketch Cards!! Please PSC me,baby!

Today's bit of artistic
tomfoolery is focused on
PSC's or Personal
Sketch Cards.
Ive done a few sets of these mini-masterpieces for Marvel,DC,and of course RittenHouse
Archives,the Kings of PSC cards.
Here are a few samples of me work in that field. The paintings of Cable of X-Force and Gammora of Titan are 5x7 oversized incentive type cards.
Currently finishing up
working on the
SpiderMan Archives Set,
to be released 10-28-09
The Cable and
Gammora are done in my
use-whatever-works style of Acrylics,
colored pencil,colored ink,and whatnot.

And yes I do mad commissions
Holla Back now!


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