Friday, May 7, 2010

Free ComicBook Day stuff...

Welcome back !
Here are a few things from Free Comic Book Day,May 1st 2010, held at The Yancy Street comic shop at Gulfview Square Mall,New Port Richey,Florida. At least a thousand +(not joking) or so folks come to this shop on this day. Its crazy.
Some of the guests included my man Morry Hollowell,Jimmy Cheung,Aaron Lopresti and Son,Brandon Peterson,Tim Townsend,Will Quintana,Mike Foss,Paul Pelletier,Jimmy Palmiotti,Mike Perkins,and more names I can't remember right now..

In the photo from l-r : Jimmy Chueng,Lopresti Sr. and Jr.,Me, Big Tim Townsend,Morry Hollowell,Will Quintana,and Brandon Peterson.

The art was done as a fan commissioned piece
that involved-Aaron Lopresti(Catwoman),Paul Pelletier(Batman) and yours truly,DH2!(Poison Ivy)

Thanks Big Chis Pobjecky and Steve Baginskie
for making FCBD always killer!!...

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