Friday, May 14, 2010

Personal Art pieces for sale-Good Art Needs new home!

Hi everyone in the Interwebz..
Thanx for coming to my blog of luxuriousness !I sit here watching Squidbillies pondering success..I get a lot of requests for art from folks all over,so
Here are few things I'm putting up for sale immediately...First up are a few painted PSC's ( Personal Sketch Cards) I do these when I feel like I can't remember how to paint.. smiley face....I just do these 'cause they're fun.
You should see the ones that don't "make it"... these are available for 135.00,(138.00 if using credit card via Paypal) 2 for 250.00(255.00 if using credit card via Paypal)
Paypal I.D.-

This is obviously first come, first serve basis (and Family members call me first if you want anything),as I will be putting a limited amount of art work up cause its tiring(Comic pages,paintings,sketches,ect. ) to go towards creating Planet-Killers,my Graphic novel. You will be named (if that's cool) in the last issue as a contributor to this goal of mine!.. Prices on the art will vary greatly,but nothing crazy.The images are 4"x5" uncut card size. I love doing these,they are a blast to knock out.. All Mixed media-acrylic,
colored pencil,Zebra pens..Hulk,Power Girl,Harley Quinn,Cat Woman, Elektra:Assassin,Poison Ivy...More to come Tommorow..


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